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Perhaps they also suggested some coping strategies, too? Its inevitable you are going to forget them in the future, instead, teach us how to teach ourselves, not facts that we will forget googleisyourfriendsouseit. Mii Jun 21, Despite these benefits found by researchers, the topics of who should receive homework and how much homework are hotly debated among educators and researchers.

It looks like you've really done some research on the subject! Do you have a lot of homework on a regular basis? Why Was School Created?

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There are both advantages and disadvantages to homework and sometimes those points are contrary to each other. Thanks for stopping by to Wonder with us! Wonderopolis Feb 7, Julian from Delaware Jan 29,

We are glad you enjoyed the video, Jasahn! Great job, Wonder Friend! We appreciate you sharing your opinion about homework, too, Kaytlyn! Justin Oct 17, If we take that 14 hours and have these busy students eat for about 30 minutes per meal.

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Besides, all of it was already covered in class and I "got it". Homework can be great practice. write my paper online gumtree In my house, homework never connected me to my parents, because like work at school, I saw it as a test of what I could do individually.

I got fell of the roof and it caused severe brain disorders. I have spent all day at school so I want a break. research paper thesis help controversial Thanks for sharing your opinion about homework! Sometimes the results contradict other studies. Luke Jan 11,

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We appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this important topic! Thank you for using Wonderopolis for your homework, Liesel! Homework allows them to keep up with what you're doing in your classes on a daily basis.

We hope that you are getting plenty of sleep, too! And we absolutely agree that spending quality time with your family is very important!! I think Mars is wrecking his brain. Wonderopolis Feb 7, Juilo from DE Jan 29,

We understand it's important for you to have free time, too! You got us, Unknown. Maya Sep 23,

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